Live Circle Sundays are now also available On-Line

The third Sunday of every month is “Circle Sunday”; where after some opening preliminaries and instructions, we break into smaller circle groups and discuss a few questions on the topic for the month… sharing our thoughts and feelings on the subject.

To those that joined on Facebook last month, our apologies. You were pretty much cut out/cut off from the discussions.

This month we have worked out how our online participants can share in the discussion experience. We will have a Zoom session that will be an online circle. Initially, we will open the Zoom meeting and Livestream it to Facebook and YouTube. However, everyone joining via Facebook or YouTube will be encouraged to switch to and log in to the Zoom meeting as that will be the main platform.

When we break from the main group to the individual circles, the Facebook and YouTube live streams will be ended. Thus, those on Zoom… the Zoom Circle, can feel free to share knowing it’s not being broadcast. The discussions will only be amongst those you see on the Zoom meeting. We will also “Lock” the Zoom meeting once the discussion starts, so no one can join after it’s started.

I have set up a Zoom Meeting specifically for Circle Sundays. 

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 862 9373 9885
Passcode: Circle

We look forward to everyone, live or online, enjoying the benefits of these Circle discussions. See you there!