Self Mastery Class

The Emergence of the True Self. mind green Evolve and emerge into the fullness of your True Self. Live an awakened life by conscious choices. The premise in this class is that self-mastery is not a state of being, or a skill that we can use to conquer life and gain … It is, rather, the result of an ongoing growth process of inquiry into the self.

Center for Spiritual Living accredited class taught by Rev. Cindy Grimes.

Class resumes Mar. 2 at 6:30 PM. (Prerequisite is the Foundations Class.)

Textbook: Living the Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes ISBN: 9780875166278

8 week course, $25 per class + $45 Registration fee.

Last day to enroll is Mar. 1. Contact (352) 629-3897 or to enroll.